Watch: Resuscitation Council launches practical Lifesaver VR app

The Resuscitation Council has turned to virtual reality to produce a “unique” practical video that teaches people what to do when someone has a cardiac arrest.

Lifesaver VR is a free app designed to teach effective CPR skills and provide people with the confidence to use them in an emergency situation. The charity said the film-in-a-game app is suitable for everyone to use but it has targeted younger people by creating a teen-based scenario in the video.

The viewer is placed in a life-or-death situation through the eyes of Chloe, whose friend Harry has collapsed. To play the game, users interactively control her reactions through the VR headset. The game begins in VR cinema format and then enters full 360-degree video as the user performs CPR by pushing down on a firm cushion. The VR headset senses the user’s movements and gives feedback on performance. It’s up to the user to make sure Harry survives his cardiac arrest.

This new scenario has also been added to the original Lifesaver app, which now has four different linear scenarios. The original Lifesaver has seen more than 700,000 people trained in CPR since its launch in 2013.

Dr Andy Lockey, honorary secretary of the Resuscitation Council (UK), said: “Lifesaver continues to be a revolution in terms of easy-access, free, ‘app’-based education for these essential life-saving skills. Lifesaver VR takes this to the next level and utilises cutting-edge technology to deliver an even more realistic experience.”

The Lifesaver VR app is available through iTunes and Google Play for iPhone and Android phones and from visiting Lifesaver, the non-virtual reality option, is also available for download through iTunes and Google Play, and can be played in a web browser by visiting

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