Video interviews: Kuhlisa UK | Third Sector

At the recent Third Sector Awards, specialist insurer Markel had the opportunity to speak to charities about the risks they face and how they manage them.

Khulisa works with young people in schools, prisons and in the community to help them understand and tackle the root-cause of their challenging behaviour.

Dominique Airey, CEO of Khulisa UK, discussed safeguarding risks and their developing business model.

As with most charities working with vulnerable people, safeguarding is a huge concern. Khulisa staff and volunteers work in prisons and other volatile environments so safety for both staff and participants is a risk. A constant need to review procedures and have multiple of points of access for communication is vital to the workings of the charity.

This need to review also links to Khulisa’s look towards sustainability and the future of their business model, which may be a move towards a commission based landscape and away from fundraising.

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